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Life poem by Stephanie Carter - The Grandfather I Never Knew

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The Grandfather I Never Knew

I often sit and wonder
Why God took you so soon,
I'd give anything to have you here
The sun, the stars, the moon
If only for a moment in time
I wish that you were here
So I'd have the chance to tell you
In my heart I hold you dear

An endless stream of tears
I sit and cry each day
I never got to know you
For God took you away

We never got the chance
To make sweet memories that would last
Because October 30, 1956
Was the day you came to pass

An emptiness inside my soul
For the man I never knew
And a special place inside my heart
Reserved only for you

An angel up in heaven
I am certain that you are
Looking down upon me
Protecting me from afar

And though I've never met you
We're never far apart
For if I ever need you
I just look inside my heart
So while you're up in heaven
Doing what you do
Remember that I love you
And I really miss you too

by Stephanie Carter

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The Grandfather I Never Knew - Poem by Stephanie Carter
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